How Do You Say SRAM and Other Bike Brand Names


I still remember the anxiety of going to the bike shop my first week of getting into mountain biking and having to ask them if they sold any SRAM X9 shifters as my cheap shifter broke and I had a group ride the next day.

How to Pronounce SRAM

Many people pronounce SRAM as “shram” because that is how they heard it. The correct way of saying SRAM is to just say SRAM as one syllable, without the “h” sound.

How to Pronounce Bontrager

Bontrager is another common bike manufacturer, therefore you’ll want to make sure that you are saying “BON-tray-ger” and not “Bont-rage-err” so little kids don’t laugh at you and throw stones. 🙂

How to Pronounce GIRO and SIDI

As you gear up for those epic rides, there is a good chance that you wear SIDI shoes and/or a GIRO helmet. While both companies will help you look cool, just make sure you say “JEER-o” and not “Jyro” otherwise stick to Fox helmets.

When strapping up those expensive shoes, say to yourself “SEE-dee” and not “sih-dee.”

Lezyne…Another Common Mispronounced Brand

Since you like to bring sexy back with your tools, you surely have some Lezyne tools, pronounced “luh-ZYNE” (rhymes with design) and not “leh-zeene.” Easy for you to say.

Truvativ Pronunciation

Truvativ is another very popular brand of bike components correctly stated as “true-VAY-tiv” and not “true-vah-tiv” as your riding buddy says.

How to Say fi’zi:k Before You Sit On It

fi’zi:k makes great seats, so show them respect by saying “fiz-EEK” and not “fiz-ick” like the class you failed in high school.

Teva and Thule Pronunciations

Two bonus companies to make up for the others you said wrong are Teva, pronounced “TEV-uh” and not “teeva” and Thule pronounced “TOO-lee” and “thoole.”

Not quit talking to yourself and go ride. Class dismissed.

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