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Velocity Blunt Tubeless Conversion

Q: How can I convert my Velocity Blunt 29er wheels to tubeless? A: Velocity Blunt 29er  rims are an underrated rim, with a nice width at 28 mm, providing a nice “ballooning” tire for a plush ride.  However, many people have had some trouble converting these rims to tubeless.  Luckily, there is an easy solution […]

Mountain Bike Tire Compound

Q: What is durometer and does tire compound matter when buying tires? A: Durometer is the hardness of cured tire rubber.  Tire hardness impacts how well the tires grip, how stiff the knobs are in terms of flex they give, as well as how fast the tire rolls and how long it lasts.  Clearly tire […]

Essential Tools for Bike Repair

Q: What tools do I need for repairing my mountain bike? A: There are basically three different types of bike owners, and therefore different tool needs based on of which type of owner you are. Owners that do all of their own maintenance and repair “wrenches.” Owners that take their bike to the LBS for […]