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Converting 2×10 to 1×10

My current full suspension 29er (I also keep a 29er single speed in the stable at all times) is a 2012 Salsa Horsethief. I never thought I could like a bike as much as my Niner Jet 9 that was stolen from my garage a little over a year ago, but with the conversion to […]

How To Fix Bike Creaking Noise

Nothing takes away from a Zen-like ride more than a creaky/noisy bike. However, figuring out where that creaking sound is coming from can be a challenge. In this post we will talk about the top 12 areas that cause creaking in your bike. To save time, the first step should be to take the bike […]

Adjusting a Rear Derailleur

Q: How do you adjust a rear derailleur to shift smoothly? A: You can set-up and adjust a rear derailleur on a mountain bike in five easy steps. Step #1: Begin with the B screw adjustment.  Shift into the largest rear cog (innermost) and adjust so the guide pulley on the derailleur is just clearing […]