Best Bike Chain Lube

Q: What is the best chain lube?

A: The best mountain bike chain lube is the one that you use on a consistent basis and the one you apply after you have a dry/clean chain, and preferably the lube you apply the night before.  It is helpful if you get a lube that is conducive to your conditions you ride as well.  With that said, the 2009 MTBR winners are Chain-L Lube and ProGold Prolink.

Chain-L Lube

Cost? $12.00 for 4 oz bottle or $4 for a 1 oz trial size

Chain-L is a chain lube that focuses on three things, lubrication, lubrication, lubrication.  On a high-end bike, drivetrain wear is the most expensive maintenance cost per mile, so they believe that combating the chain bearing wear is the paramount goal.

Here is three snippets from reviewers at the MTBR review site.

Submitted by argnof

One of the best lubes on the planet, and the best I’ve tried so far. Noticeably better shifting over Rock n Roll extreme, quieter, and longer lasting.

Submitted by toothpuller

Imagine butter for a chain. Imagine a chain so buttery that when you pedal it you want to eat it because it feels so good underfoot. That is the best way to describe how my chain feels after one single application of the Chain-L product.

Submitted by Airhammer

I have found my chain runs much quieter. When you hear you chain running loudly that means you have metal running on metal which means your chain is wearing out much quicker in addition I lube less frequently.

ProGold Prolink

[amazon-product region=”us” text=”Cost? ProGold Prolink Chain Lube 4oz Squeeze is$6.99.” type=”text”]B000VT2HKQ[/amazon-product]

ProLink Chain Lube will not let dirt and grit stick to your chain – in wet or dry conditions. It greatly reduces friction and wear, allowing smoother operation of your chain and cables, and it will keep your chain and drive train area clean and seemingly drag free. ProLink is a thin-bodied lubricant that uses MFR technology, a molecule which bonds to the metal surface. It does not build up or become tacky because it contains no solids like Teflon, wax, moly, graphite or plastic.

Here is three snippets from reviewers at the MTBR review site.

Submitted by Coach Phil

As a Mechanic, Coach and former professional racer with over 30 years in the sports of cycling, I can say that Prolink is quite simply the best chain lube I have ever used. While I continue to “try” other chain lubes, I always return to Progold products.

Submitted by tag733

I purchased a ten-year-old bike that had noticeable chain and gear noise; it was never cleaned or lubed. Once I de-greased the chain and lubed with ProGold, the noises stopped, the shifting became smooth, and the bike is a joy to ride.

Submitted by Mike D

Using this lube will bring your chain back to life. Gears will shift smoothly and accurately. I find myself looking down to make sure it did shift because I won’t feel or hear anything as with other lubes. I also use it to lube my cables, it works great.

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