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How to Ship a Bike

Q: I just sold my bike on eBay and need to know how to ship it. A: Shipping a bike can be a pain, which is why many people choose to have their LBS ship it for them.  However, having your LBS ship your bike for you can be a bigger problem and hassle than […]

Adjusting a Rear Derailleur

Q: How do you adjust a rear derailleur to shift smoothly? A: You can set-up and adjust a rear derailleur on a mountain bike in five easy steps. Step #1: Begin with the B screw adjustment.  Shift into the largest rear cog (innermost) and adjust so the guide pulley on the derailleur is just clearing […]

Velocity Blunt Tubeless Conversion

Q: How can I convert my Velocity Blunt 29er wheels to tubeless? A: Velocity Blunt 29er  rims are an underrated rim, with a nice width at 28 mm, providing a nice “ballooning” tire for a plush ride.  However, many people have had some trouble converting these rims to tubeless.  Luckily, there is an easy solution […]