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Trail Riding Skills to Master

Q: What are some riding skills I can implement immediately to be a better rider my next time at the trails? A: Constantly honing your riding skills is an often overlooked part of mountain bike trail riding.  Riders tend to fixate on details (such as tires and bike weight) when they should be focusing on […]

Mountain Bike Tire Compound

Q: What is durometer and does tire compound matter when buying tires? A: Durometer is the hardness of cured tire rubber.  Tire hardness impacts how well the tires grip, how stiff the knobs are in terms of flex they give, as well as how fast the tire rolls and how long it lasts.  Clearly tire […]

Aluminum vs. Carbon Handlebars

Q: Which is better: Carbon or aluminum handlebars?  Can you really feel the difference? A: Both types of handlebars have their advantages and disadvantages.  Aluminum bars are more durable, as they will survive a crash better than carbon bars.  Carbon bars weigh less than aluminum bars.  So which bars “feel” better?  The only way to […]