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Underrated Mountain Bike Parts

Q: What are some underrated mountain bike parts? A: Here is a list of six underrated, quality parts (and a bike) you may or may not know about. 6. Sunline XC-1 Stem – While Thomson receives all the buzz for being the best stem, there is an underrated competitor in the [amazon-product region=”us” text=”Sunline XC-1 […]

What to Pack Before a Ride

Q: What should I pack before I go on a mountain bike ride? A: What you pack for a ride depends on how long/far you will be going.  What you will need to go around the block will differ from an all day ride.  Following is a list of 15 items to consider before your […]

QR Seat Clamp vs. Bolt Seat Clamp

Q: Which seat clamp style is the best?  Quick release (QR) style or bolt style? A: There are pros and cons to both types of seat clamps. Bolt Style Seat Clamps Bolt style seat clamps are good for people who will be leaving their bike somewhere unattended, as it is simply a matter of undoing […]