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Stop Carbon Seatpost Slip

Q: How do you stop your carbon seatpost from slipping? A: If you Google stop carbon seatpost slip, you will come with a few different options.  One of them involves sanding the post down, so there is more friction and less chance of slipping.  I’m not a big fan of defacing my expensive bike parts, […]

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Videos

Q: What are the top 10 best mountain bike videos? A: It is hard to pin down the top 10 best mountain bike videos, but here is what we consider to be the cream of the crop.  Enjoy. #10 – Jump over peloton Tour de France met Downhill bike #9 – Freestyle mountain biking on […]

175 vs. 170 Crank Length

Q: Which is a better crank length for trail riding, 175 or 170? A: There are various pros and cons to running different length crank arms on a mountain bike.  There isn’t a clear “winner,” so rider body type, bike geometry, and style of riding should be the deciding factors.  Generally speaking, the longer your […]